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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to sign up online?

It's a quick and easy process. It's best to have your proof of identity (e.g. a driver's license, passport or Medicare card) and any concessional cards (if applicable) to beat the record of 3 minutes!

Can I join via phone?

Yes - again it's quick and easy. Just call 1800 040 168 and our friendly customer care team will collect your details and connect your property or arrange for electricity to be on when you move-in to your new address. It's best to have your proof of identity (e.g. a driver's license, passport or Medicate card) and any concessional cards handy.

I’m moving and have so much to do! What do I do regarding my electricity?

Relax, it's quick and easy. Just call 1800 040 168 or provide your details online ( Our customer care team will take care of everything - including cancelling your old account and making sure electricity is on when you move in to your new address.

You'll receive an email from us confirming your move and we’ll also keep you updated with SMS or email to let you know where everything’s at.

Best of all, we will also contact your old energy provider to disconnect your old address and arrange your final bill. No awkward goodbyes!! You can concentrate on packing and moving. LPE takes on the job of organising your electricity.

If you’re moving out, and a housemate is staying in the house, make sure you talk to us before you disconnect. We can arrange the transfer of your account to whoever is responsible after you leave.

What’s the deal with apartment buildings and embedded networks?

If you've been told that we supply the electricity at your new apartment, give us a call on 1800 040 168 to learn more about embedded network plans and sign up.

Some sites have their own online sign up page and your letting agent, onsite manager or body corporate committee may have given this to you. If not … just call and we'll get it sorted!

I have a Senior's Card - am I eligible for a concession on my electricity bill?

Yes, if you have a Queensland Senior's Card you are entitled to received the Queensland Government - Energy and Gas Rebate. For further information, please see:

You are also welcome to call our friendly Customer Care Team on 1800 040 168 for further information.

I have a concession card - do I get a rebate?

If you have an eligible concession card, you are entitled to a concession on your electricity account. Those holding the following cards may be eligible for a discount:

- Queensland Seniors Card

- Services Australia Pensioner Concession Card

- Services Australia Health Care Card (Electricity Rebate only) including holders of a Low Income Health Care Card and Ex-Carer Allowance (Child) Health Care Card.

- Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card (and you receive the War Widow/er Pension or special rate TPI Pension)

- Asylum seeker status—residents will need to provide their ImmiCard details (Electricity Rebate only)

If you are a cardholder, to be eligible you must be the electricity account holder and also live alone or share your principal place of residence with (only) any of the below:

- your spouse

- other people who hold a Services Australia Pensioner Concession Card or Queensland Seniors Card

- other people wholly dependent on you

- other people who receive an income support or families payment from Centrelink, who do not pay rent

- other people who receive an income support payment from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and who do not pay rent

- other people who live with the cardholder to provide care and assistance, who do not pay rent.

For further clarification, please read through the Queensland Government Electricity and Gas Rebate guidelines online at You are also welcome to call 1800 040 168 to discuss with our customer care team.